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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> the power lines, pop out a little bit -- >> landing gear. >> a warning to avoid power lines as an air tanker makes a water drop on the fire near yosemite. a birdseye view of a fire that
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is very hard to fight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. that fire is raging out of control fare a fifth straight day and it's only getting bigger tonight. at this moment the fire has grown to more than 25 square miles and is only 5% contained. >> fire over there, there's fire here. >> reporter: right in the middle of these two coming together. >> the fire has forced the closure of highway 120 for a four-mile stretch, blocking traffic innd out of yosemite's west side. that net miranda has more from the fire lines tonight. >> i'm concerned about that. it wasn't like that. >> reporter: with winds suddenly so strong kathy bryant and her family don't know what to do. the rim fire near yosemite national park is behaving erratically. residents could be safe one minute but not the next.
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in fact, heavy gusts pushed 50 to 100-foot flames across an incident command post, forcing crews themselves to evacuate. the bryants are all packed up just in case. should they go about their business? or hang out at their house? >> we're afraid to leave and go to our doctors appointments. we're afraid we're going to lose our house while we're gone. >> reporter: burning since last weekend, control of the rim fire has been elusive. the terrain is rugged and dread brush from a dry winter is fueling the flames. >> ready, ready. drop. >> reporter: this youtube video from the california air national guard shows bomber crews hard at work to get the fire under control. fighting from the ground is just too dangerous. >> it's where there's no safety zones really to be able to escape if that fire was to turn at them. we last 19 in arizona, we're not going to let that happen again. >> reporter: at least nine structures have burned including this house.
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2,500 homes and buildings remain threatened. >> it took forest service 15 minutes to get out. >> reporter: bill carlson owns a lunch. a beautiful retreat that mostly serves european visitors is saved. >> we built it actually with burned wood that we salvaged from the fire in 1999. and so it's been a labor of love to build that. >> reporter: tourists can go to a now smoky yosemite, just not through highway 120, which is closed. the u.s. forest service says there's a 50/50 chance the fire will cross into yosemite national park but crews are working very hard to prevent that. >> u.s. forest service estimates it will take two weeks more to contain this fire. in the meantime, a dozen major blazes burn in this state. the agency is running out of money to fight them. the sexual harassment saga
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involving san diego mayor bob filner may be coming to an end. filner left from the back entrance of city hall today. a tentative deal has been reached in a lawsuit against him and the city. the deal comes after three days of closed door negotiations between filner, his attorneys, and the city attorney. no details released tonight. 17 women have accused the 70-year-old mayor of sexual harassment. the city council will vote on this proposed deal on friday. this professional triathlete and iron man champion, her diskessler, is the suspect in a hit and run in san francisco. the victim is seriously hurt. abc 7 news reporter vic lee tonight with a story you'll see only on abc 7. >> it's been very difficult not only for me and my family and everybody around me since the accident. because i'm -- not the same person. >> reporter: soren jensen sill
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suffers the effects of severe brain injury. he has no sense of smell or taste and lacks energy and says he's always depressed. when he was struck bit car he was thrown high into the air, landing head-first on the street. police say witnesses and security video point to world-class try at like this meredith kessler as the driver of the black jeep cherokee. it happened march 27th after 1:00 in the afternoon. krog jensen and his wife own this furniture store near at&t ballpark. he was in the crosswalk at second and townsend having dropped off a package at this corner mailbox across from their shop. the suv was turning onto townsend when it hit the 53-year-old man. court documents obtained by abc 7 says the driver briefly stopped and checked on the victim, then returned to her vehicle and drove off. video shows she stayed a few minutes before she left.
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the district attorney says that's a crime. >> you have an obligation to stop. you have an obligation to identify yourself and certainly, if we have people that are injured, if you're not going to render aid, get someone to do so. >> reporter: a security camera revealed a black jeep cherokee with a partial license plate leaving a garage, driving toward that intersection just before the accident. weeks later, investigators returned to that garage and found the suv. its license plate showed the car belonged to meredithkessler. in a subsequent interview with investigators, kessler said she thought krog jensen suffered a stroke and that's why she stopped, not because she hit him. witnesses say her car almost lost control after contacting the victim. the affidavit says during the police interview, kessler said she left the scene because she was late getting to the airport and she thought the victim was in good care. we left messages for kessler and
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her attorney. they were not answered. vic lee, abc 7 news. a deadly bike accident is prompting a new effort to make streets safer in san francisco south of market. >> a safer folsom street. >> members of the san francisco bicycle coalition collected signatures today at sixth and folsom. the petition calls for a plan t safer. bicycle a bicyclist was hit by a truck and killed. the driver was not cited. the bicycle coalition says it's the third bicyclist this year hit and killed on city streets. a memorial service will take place tomorrow morning in palo alto. some oakland residents are worried about street crime moving to their doorstep. residents along sunny hills road have been victimized by at least two recent robberies where the crooks posed at utility workers. a man posing as a city worker told a resident to move his car
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due to a water main break then robbed that guy at gunpoint in front of his home. yesterday a man posing as a pg&e worker distracted two elderly residents in his backyard while an accomplice stole valuables inside the house. a neighborhood watch leader explained why everyone's so concerned. >> not even safe in the homes. somebody knocks on the door, we open the door. and it's terrifying to think that you can't do that anymore. >> pg&e workers are required to wear a company i.d. badge. if the person doesn't have one or won't show it to you, call police. thieves found a new way to steal cell phones. police say thieves are teaming up. one takes your phone and runs off, another thief in the guise of a good samaritan returns the stolen phone in hopes of getting a reward. a lot of people understandably give $20, $30 for the phone, so relieved to have it back. that's quick and easy money for a few minutes' work. this cal trans video shows
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what it will look like when cars travel over the eastern span of the bay bridge. get ready, it's happening in less than two weeks' time. before it can take place, the bridge will be closed for five days starting one week from tonight. today, law enforcement on both sides of the bay gathered to make sure that everybody knows exactly what that closure is going to do and how it's going to go. here's laurie anthony. >> reporter: bay area drivers have been down this road before. the one where the bay bridge closes for several days, usually over a holiday weekend. >> we know people in the bay area are professionals when it comes to closures. we've been through this before. >> reporter: next wednesday's closure will begin with a series of low lane traffic blocks by california highway patrol vehicles on the main roads leading to the bridge. on-ramps in emeryville, oakland and san francisco will also be shut down. police warn drivers to plan ahead to avoid being that car that gets stuck on the wrong side of a closure.
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>> we ask that people people with plenty of time because traffic will be impacted coming into san francisco and going home. >> reporter: with a new bridge open, this animation shows what it will look like for drivers heading westbound. there will be five lanes but the new bridge will have no s-curve. and perhaps more importantly, shoulders. >> if officers need to make a stop or some type of safety stop for a disabled motorist, that may give an added cushion so they're not physically in the traffic lane. >> reporter: while chp patrols the new roadway, oakland police on bicycles will focus on the pedestrian and bike portion of the bridge. >> this is a gad time, a positive time. this is history in the making. and we are going to be a part of it with everyone else. and we want to create a very safe environment. >> reporter: whether walking, biking or riding in a car, police and cal trans are well aware there will be a lot for everyone to take in when they first experience the new eastern
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span. >> despite that wow factor that drivers leave the gawking to passengers. >> reporter: chp reminds motorists it's against the law to use new shoulders to stop and take pictures. on treasure island, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> we are just one week away from the closure of the entire bay bridge. it will start late in the evening on wednesday, august 28th. again, a week from tonight. it will last for up to five full days over the long labor day holiday. the bridge will reopen by tuesday, september 3rd, the day after labor day. there is some chance it will open on labor day, we'll see how the work goes. check out cal trans' live construction camera, a link at under "see it on tv." there's information on how to download our exclusive traffic app to navigate bay area freeways during the closure. one of the most valuable resources is our link to the extra service, bart, ac transit,
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sf bay ferry during this closure. we're going to notify you immediately on twitter as soon as the bidge opens. follow us @abc7newsbayarea. a turf war brewing in san francisco. a bitter fight over new soccer fields, moves from the park to the courthouse. the disappointing outcome of america's cup that has nothing to do with the races themselves. accuweather forecast center, and true to form, bay area weather will be warming up then cooling down. the ever-changing bay area forecast
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the search is on right now for an at-risk san jose man who has been missing for nearly a week. 44-year-old larry morris is 5 feet tall, 160 pounds. police say he has the mental capacity of a 2-year-old. he was last seen at valley fair mall thursday. an all points bulletin has been sent to surrounding police agencies to be on the lookout for larry. anyone who may have seen him is asked to call the san jose police. they want to get him back to safety. a disabled veteran is asking for help in finding his lost service dog named lobo. he ran off yesterday afternoon
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after getting spooked. lobo has lived with army vet jeff wilson for more than a year and a half. jeff works with "operation freedom paws," an organization that rescues dogs from shelters and pairs them with disabled vets. lobo was last seen in east san jose. if you see him, go to and click on "seen on tv" and we'll direct you to a phone number. a san francisco superior court judge is involved in the battle between supporters and opponents of proposed soccer fields at golden gate park. as abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler explains the city has plans to replace the grass with artificial turf. >> reporter: first there was the political process. now there's this. legal arena. the fight is over san francisco's plan to renovate four soccer fields at the western end of golden gate park using artificial turf. six neighborhood parks already have the new false which this soccer mom supports.
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>> during the year there's much more play. we don't have to cancel games every time it's rainy or foggy or drizzly and more kids get to play more. >> reporter: several city agencies including the planning commission, the board of supervisors, plus the state coastal commission have signed off on the golden gate park plan. but lawyers for the sierra club claim the rubber turf is highly toxic and the environmental impact report was flawed. >> because the board was not given the choice, they were not given the choice of nontox iic alternatives that are in use all over the world. >> reporter: the city and a nonprofit partner, city fields foundation, are preparing to spend $14 million on the project and their attorneys say the synthetic turf has been vetted. >> why we're here today, i don't know. because the fields have been studied and studied and studied. the city did one of the most thorough environmental impact reports it's ever done and concluded there was no significant environmental effect
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from using these fields. >> reporter: for some critics the controversy is not just about the turf. the city plans to install lights and extend hours. marianne miller lives near the soccer fields and is a plaintiff in the lawsuit. >> golden gate park really doesn't need the big draw of the large-scale soccer arena which it would be on the equivalent almost of keysar stadium. >> reporter: the judge has asked both sides to submit more information. spencer christian is back where he belongs after a bit of time off to talk about this forecast. nice to have you back. >> good to be back. really mild and getting warmer the next couple of days. it's going to be mild and milder. great movie title. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. he's back. nothing has changed. you can see that we have a few low clouds near the coastline
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moving locally inland during the overnight hours. mainly clear skies. check out what's happening outside the bay area. we have numerous thunderstorms in the sierra today. you can see by the path of these storms moving mainly offshore, they're wrapping around that area of low pressure which has produced the instability that has led to storms. thing is is are quieting down inland but activating offshore. looking along the embarcadero, mainly clear skies at the moment. 65 in san francisco. 61 oakland. 60s in redwood city, san jose, los gatos. a live view from our exploratorium camera at the bay bridge under a moonlit sky. temperature tours 65 at fairfield. 63 at concord and livermore. a live view from our towercam ra looking over the city of san francisco. these are the forecast features. we'll see a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm overnight in the north bay. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. cooler pattern this weekend. we'll be warming up through the end of the week.
9:20 pm
here's a satellite radar composite image showing that upper-level low, thunder, thunderstorms today over the sierra. it's moving northward now heading out of our area. start the animation at 11:00 this evening. the circulation around that low will push clouds up to the coastline overnight and across the bay locally are as the low continues its northward movement in the afternoon hours we'll see mainly sunny skies here. it will carry the clouds and instability and the thunderstorms up into southern oregon. so back to the bay area. overnight we'll see clouds developing overnight along the coast and locally inland, low temperatures will be rather mild. mainly mid to upper 50s. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies by afternoon. south bay, high temperatures ranging from upper 70s to mid 80s. stein in san jose. 86 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, highs in the low to mid 70s. up to 75 at palo alto. 76 redwood city. mid 60s at the coast at pacifica
9:21 pm
and half moon bay. 64 in the sunset district. in the north bay, highs of 77. santa rosa and sonoma, 78. napa and east bay, oakland 70. 76 castro valley and fremont. inland east bay, 85 at walnut creek. 86 livermore. 88 antioch. the seven-day forecast, warmer friday with inland highs in the low 90s. it will cool down a few degrees on saturday and sunday and maintain that steady pattern of upper 80s inland, mid to upper 70s around the bay into the middle of next week. it's going to be a lovely seven days ahead. toasty friday but nothing very extreme. still to come, facebook's effort to bring internet access to 5 billion people around the planet. could live nfl games be coming to youtube?
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> facebook ceo wants to expand its reach. mark zuckerberg is launching a new initiative to bring the internet to parts of the world where people struggle just to find food and drinking water. as business and technology recorder david louis explains that's not going to be easy sglrk mark zuckerberg first person to want to help underdeveloped countries. nonprofit groups and social entrepreneurs have been on the ground in remote villages for years. they warn facebook has a steep learning curve ahead. >> we've seen time and again cases where the situation is much, much more complex than people anticipate. >> reporter: zuckerberg appears to recognize the challenge. >> we just believe that everyone deserves to be connected and on the internet. we're putting a lot of energy
9:26 pm
towards this. i think it's one of the biggest problems of my generation to get everyone in the world to have internet access. >> reporter: professor kreider corrected a program at santa clara's university center for science technology and society. over 11 years, the global social benefit institute has taught him a major hurdle is 1.5 billion out of the 4 billion people in underdeveloped countries don't have a place to charge a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. >> they need to be able to charge their mobile devices for internet access. second, literacy is a huge problem. there are countries that have literacy rates from 30% to 70%. those people are not going to be able to use the internet. >> reporter: when issues like that can be solved there are benefits. heather is working in bangladesh to help prevent another disaster like this when more than 1,100 workers died last april when a garment factory collapsed. she's enabling workers to report safety issues anonymously by mobile phone. >> the majority of factory
9:27 pm
workers around the world actually don't have smartphones. they're not able to access the internet. and we're leveraging the power of basic feature phones to establish that two-way communication. are you ready for some football? on google? the mountain view-based internet giant has been holding talks with the national football league. neither would discuss these talks but there's speculation google is looking at the league's sunday ticket package to air on youtube. the $1 billion contract is held by directv but expires at the end of the 2014 season. so we shall see. a little kid with a big dream. coming up, the boy and his football hero and the touchdown scored both on and off the field. also, why pope benedict quit. the former pontiff breaks his silence and contradicts the explanation he gave earlier this year. the military performs a key test flight next.
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now, from abc 7 news. >> and good i'ming again. we'll start this half hour talking about syria. the united nations convened an emergency meeting today to discuss whether the government is using chemical weapons on its own citizens. the regime denies using them but rebels are challenging that and new images today seem to support them. here's abc news reporter martha raddatz. >> reporter: the pictures are gut-wrenching. the rebels say these are mothers, fathers, children, killed while they slept in their homes in a damascus suburb. they say the syrian regime fired rockets on its own people. rockets carrying poisonous gas,
9:32 pm
leaving the innocent convulsing, foaming at the mouth, suffocating. >> i'd be very surprised if it turned out to be a fake. >> reporter: the images are impossible to verify for certain and the assad regime denies the attack saying the allegations are baseless. but we showed the picture to a weapons expert. >> the only explanation i can really see to this is, this looks like this fellow's nerves have been -- are being destroyed potentially by something like sarin. >> reporter: the white house said today it is deeply concerned. but the white house has said that before. almost a year to the day. president obama warning syria about crossing a red line. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that that's a red line for us. >> reporter: but two months ago when the white house said it was convinced assad had carried out a small-scale chemical attack, the red line seemed to blur. little was done in response.
9:33 pm
what is not debatable is the human toll. i want to show you an image. thousands of families fleeing syria, escaping the bloodshed. among them a child who will be counted as the 1 millionth youngster fleeing syria. martha raddatz, abc news, cairo. high-flying pilots may be at risk of developing brain damage. that's the conclusion of the searchers who looked at pilots who flew reconnaissance planes. they say the war in afghanistan and iraq has increased the frequency of the compression sickness known as the bends and illness is leading to lesions on the brain. sending tiny bubbles into the brain where they cause harm. doctors say the brain can recover but long-term implications are unclear. the f-35 is the military's newest and costiest fighter jet. new pictures released today show the plane performing its first
9:34 pm
nighttime landing on an aircraft carrier. the stealth plane can carry an array of weapons, fly up to 1,300 miles per hour, basically stop on a dime in mid-air and land vertically on a moving aircraft carrier. unbelievable. lockheed martin released this video. the pentagon said a fleet will cost $857 billion over 55 years. to operate and support. that is 22% less than previously estimated. vice president joe biden says tonight his son underwent a successful surgery and will soon be headed home to delaware. beau biden had an undisclosed procedure yesterday. it was performed at a renowned cancer center in houston. the white house will only say doctors are trying to determine why beau biden became disoriented and weak during a vacation last week. he is set to be released from the hospital tomorrow. the 44-year-old suffered a mild stroke in 2010. men are being urged to wear
9:35 pm
sunscreen to prevent melanoma. british researchers found her men than women are dying from malignant melanoma. scientists theorize it may be because women have stronger immune systems. they add men are often diagnose with advanced melanoma because the cancer develops on their backs making it hard tore spot. they recommend men regularly have someone check their skin. the americas cup is supposed to be a money-making machine for san francisco. beginning with an expected $13 million in projected tax revenue. but what began with 15 boats is now down to four. and there is plenty of economic disappointment along fisherman's wharf to be sure. here's wayne freedman. >> reporter: hard to believe by looking at the crowds but this is the land the americas cup has passed by, in two ways. the first of them happened again today, just offshore. the literal passing-by of the racing boats. as for the second, ask a
9:36 pm
question of passing tourists. can you tell me which teams are racing in the americas cup? >> i don't know. >> not one single boat, team. >> do you know who ellison is? >> larry eller son? >> call it the disconnect between expectations and reality. >> has the americas cup been good for you if. >> no, it's been a pain. >> reporter: frank resino, third-generation fisherman. let him count the ways beginning with detours around the races every time he takes tourists out. the americas cup costs him five extra gallons per trip. >> it was a pipe dream. we thought we'd get a lot of people who wanted to see it. and none of that happened. >> reporter: it's the economic boom that became a ho-hum. surprise, surprise. even for the bush man. >> ain't as many people as there should be. >> reporter: nor as many dollars.
9:37 pm
the number some businesses whisper is 30%. 30% less than expectations. >> there's two boats out there. you can spot them in the distance. not a lot to see. >> reporter: nancy pompeii runs a restaurant with the sign with her name on the street. it as slightly better average summer than usual and summers are good, but this one was supposed to be great. if you expect more but get less, but it's more than you would have had? >> that would be good, always. >> is that what you got? >> maybe. >> reporter: maybe. we won't know for certain until the final boat comes in. another side of richard nixon still ahead. the two future presidents and their words of support for richard nixon during watergate.
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trs still a lot of cleanup going on in acapulco, mexico, after a 6.2 earthquake shook the area this morning. mexican authorities say two schools and a hospital in acapulco suffered damage and a metal tower collapsed at a naval base. there were no serious injuries we are aware of. the former pope benedict is breaking his silence for the first time since he became the first pope to step down in 600 years. in february he said his age prevented him from doing a good job. now he says that his resignation was prompted by god who told him to do it during a mystical experience. benedict denies he had an apparition or heard god's voice but said he underwent a months' long mystical experience some of kind. for the first time we are hearing the last words of president richard nixon at the moment of the searing scandal of
9:42 pm
watergate. john donvan on the big talk from political big guns. >> reporter: april 30th, 1973. >> good evening. >> reporter: a night richard nixon needed friends. >> hello. mr. president? >> reporter: a call from a future president, ronald reagan. >> how are you? >> reporter: not so good. 16 months before the end. nixon had announced the resignations of aides implicated in watergate. sacrificed to save him. reagan says -- >> for whatever it's worth we're still behind you out here. i want you to know you're in our prayers. nixon comes back with a compliment. >> i so appreciate your calling and give my greatest love to farcy. >> you're lucky, lucky. >> that's right. i am lucky. >> reporter: then another future president calls. >> george bush is on the phone. >> hello? hello.
9:43 pm
>> mr. president? >> reporter: that's h.w. bush. he had seen the speech too. >> i really was proud of you. my golly, i know it was tough. i just wanted to tell you that. >> reporter: this time nixon sounds anxious to wrap up. >> this is going to come through good. >> okay. >> a lot of people are rooting for you. >> all right, boy. good of you to call. >> reporter: the tapes would spell the end of nixon in office, despite what ronald reagan said when they wrapped up that night. >> it's damn nice of you to call. >> this too shall pass. >> reporter: it did not. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> it did not indeed. a woman takes a bite out of ♪
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ listen to this, a woman in england went to a burger joint,
9:47 pm
order the famous triple decker, and believe it or not dislocated her jaw. this is the burger, the image is from the restaurant which calls the dish the kids in america burger. when the woman bit in her jaw locked. medics popped it back into place and she thought she was fine. not the kind of publicity the burger place wants. that's a big burger. let's go back, update the forecast. probably best not to eat that. >> that's for sure. big burger. here's the look at live doppler, mainly clear skies across the bay area. clouds are beginning to thicken at the coast and some of those clouds will move locally inland. thunderstorms to our northwest, well offshore. all rotating around the center of low pressure, that upper-level low that brought us the wacky weather we had overnight and thunderstorms to the sierra this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon as we look statewide, more thunderstorms,
9:48 pm
not quite so numerous as today in the sierra. and the mountains to our far north up near the oregon border, it will be warm through much the state tomorrow. 90 at sacramento. number at chico. 100 fresno. 93 yosemite. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. low 90s inland friday. we'll settle back into the 80s saturday and remain in that pattern into the middle of next week. great story here. to an 8-year-old boy fighting for his life who refused to stay on the sidelines. all he wanted was to meet his favorite player on his favorite team. abc news reporter chris connelly has a day of joy. >> down! up! >> reporter: 8-year-old lateef brock loves the game of football. >> people who see him even today would never know that he's been through so much. >> reporter: at bird, lateef was diagnosed with end-stage renal
9:49 pm
disease. he was not expected to live beyond his first birthday. >> he's a very, very strong little boy. he's been fighting all his life to live. >> reporter: only last i can't remember, lateef finally received a kidney transplant. >> what was that like to go through? >> hard. handful. all that other stuff. >> reporter: lateef told make a wish he'd like to meet his favorite player, robert griffin iii of the washington redskins. on the big day the team gives him a warm welcome with a contract and a sweet signing bonus. >> i got what you want. you can actually take two. >> reporter: it's off to the locker room. >> oh. >> reporter: while someone is sneaking in just to meet lateef. it's his hero, rg3. >> what's up, man? >> sup? >> reporter: she go from the lockers to the practice facility. the child who spent his first
9:50 pm
seven years fighting for his life finds himself throwing passes with his hero. >> you got a little arm on you, you might need to play quarterback. >> come here, lateef. >> reporter: then lateef is called onto the field by the coach. >> we're going to run the sweep, take it in the end zone, okay? >> reporter: lateef has a play to run. >> meet you in the end zone. >> and it's a pitch to lateef brock. >> reporter: he sprichbts, he can't be stopped, he scores. >> touchdown, lateef brock! >> reporter: the boy who survived so much, now healthier and more active, ready to run full-out into a brighter future. >> that's a good story. larry beil is off, ol colin has sports tonight. >> tell you what. best day ever for lateef but rg3 doesn't have the skills to become the best quarterback ever. you know who does according to one former nfl qb? the guy with the great first nameyou don't needo camp out
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covering all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, why school administrators at one south bay high school hope these two golden retrievers will keep students from making some bad decisions. do you need a quick pick me up? forget coffee and energy greens. there's a new way to get your caffeine fix. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. michael finney will explain huh you can save money on back to school supplies. if you want a pickmy up, watch colin do sports. >> we can do that right now. to quote bob melvin, everything we do today is what's wrong with us. he was referring to a blown lead for a second straight game against seattle. today's matinee started well for oakland. coco crisp turning on the ewa do you mean may fastball. first pitch swinging. cocoa's 11th of the year. 1-1 in the second, brandon moss showing patience with that slow
9:55 pm
delivery, that's gone. 20th of the year for moss, oakland 2-1. a.j. griffin pitched decent but couldn't lead the 3-1 lead. morales scores, ackley charging all the way from first, the throw from cespedes. looked out to me, they call him safe. 4-3 seattle closer. a's lose 5-3 and fall 2 1/2 behind texas in the west. because the rangers come up big in the ninth against the astros, tied 4-4, bases loaded. elvis anders pops up to right. adam rosales tags from the third. the throw is high. if that isn't insult to injury. interers gets treated like this. doesn't look comfortable to me. give me my jersey back. some would say barry zito's ship as a giant has sailed.
9:56 pm
giants/red sox. bruce bochy saying zito deserves another start. will middlebrooks two-run homer in the second. in the third, johnny gomes reaching and pulling to shall dough left. victorino scores. manufacture to the fourth. can blame this on barry. victorino, we'll call this the bear mude dough triangle this right. his record drops to 4-9. a 12-1 beat have down at at&t park. little league world series chula vista has earned themselves a berth, grant holman threw a no-hitter last week. he does it with offense tonight, three-run homer in the ninth to beat westport, connecticut, 6-3 the final. in his day, jaworski played against the likes of joe montana, dan marino. he knows about elite quarterbacks. today saying colin kaepernick
9:57 pm
could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. this is water cooler conversation stuff. everyone has an opinion. key part of the phrase is "could be." super bowls, longevity, statistics will be the measuring stick and kap knows that. >> i'm working. to me it's a great honor that he said that, very flattered by it. but at the same time, i haven't played a full season yet. >> well, one thing is certain. jim harbaugh treating him with extra care. the black practice jersey means he is off-limits, don't touch him or else. >> we're going against our ones. and felt like as the defense was running a stunt, ahmad came free and was a little too close to colin. so as a way to reemphasize that, stay away from colin kaepernick. so we together anything freakish happen. jonathan baldwin will see his first action as a niner
9:58 pm
sunday at home against minnesota. he says he's been welcomed with open arms. >> the family, the tradition. you know, everybody is -- everybody like brothers. a the love people been helping me out. teaching me things i need to know. helping me out with the offense, thins of that nature. so it's definitely been a big help. in simple terms, italy's hewn that rossa challenge is getting boat raced in the americas cup finals. angel island, san francisco in the background. the kiwis, man, dominant again today. they win race four in the best of 13 finals by 2:18. then race five by nearly 1:30. so far ahead in these races you don't see the italian boat. emirates, 4-1 series lead, first to seven face the team oracle in the america's cup. indy cars in wine country, the go program prix of sonoma happens sunday.
9:59 pm
a full field test session held. ryan briscoe was the winner last year. that will be a fun event when the irl comes to town. >> weather will be nice for us. >> it will be. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here we really appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. abc 7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook, and your mobile twices with our new abc 7 news app. see you at 11:00 on abc 7.
10:00 pm
there's no way that a mouse could kill a scorpion. a mouse could kill. it's got sharp claws and teeth. a rat can kill a scorpion. well, but we're not talking about a rat, we're talking about a little mouse. even if you were talking about a rat, it still would lose. uh, no, because a little mouse fighting a scorpion. and that is final! stop! shut up!

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